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  • Nutella -  what would the world be without it? As the motto goes, even for us at CFH, it doesn’t bear thinking about! Because everything is sweeter with the best hazelnut spread there is, even a holiday.
  • Fileni - leading company in white meat coming only from organic and sustainable agriculture.
  • Plasmon - in the world of baby food without doubt the best known brand, it could not miss for the baby food πŸ₯£.
  • Orogel - a company that allows us to guarantee every day a wide choice of side dishes prepared with selected fresh or frozen vegetables from sustainable production.
  • Aia food - a company known for products that bring flavour to every table, including the famous Woody chicken and turkey sausages that make our much-loved children's hot dogs taste even better. 🌭
  • San Marzano La Regina - it can only be the queen of tomato purees that we use in the kitchen, because it comes from the land of tomatoes par excellence and because we preserve all its fragrances when we cook it: just smell it in the restaurant to believe it!
  • 3 Marie - the symbol of Milanese confectionery production, its warm croissants, which will greet you with their aroma, will then win you over with their crispness and lightness. πŸ₯
  • Conor - leading company in the fruit and vegetable market, with its controlled supply chain, allows us to offer a rich buffet of fresh vegetables from eco-sustainable production every day.
  • Pieri Group - thorough hygiene and cleanliness have always been one of the strong points of the Club Family Hotel chain and today they have undoubtedly acquired an indispensable value, which is why we have chosen a local company, to always have the certainty of quality detergents, disinfectants and sanitizers that are always available.
  • Coca-Cola - the world's most famous brand could not be missing from our Top Quality list, because what would you want to drink with the crispy, warm pizza we bake every day?
  • Pepsi - another reliable brand that for years we have been satisfying all tastes and caloric needs: pepsi twist, light or max, with lime or without caffeine...
  • Lipton - cold with a slice of lemon and ice cubes or hot with two biscuits to go with it? Either way, it's still Lipton.
  • Forst - born in the South Tyrolean mountains, this beer embodies all the natural freshness of the land where it originates. Could we have chosen anything less for our guests than a high-quality blonde for a refreshing toast in our Open Bar?!🍻
  • Schweppes - thirst-quenching drink or non-alcoholic aperitif? Either way, tonic water is just Schweppes.
  • Nesquik - can you think of a children's breakfast without a glass of fresh milk and Nesquik? We don't think so! πŸ˜‰
  • Nestlè - not only chocolate, thanks to a world-famous brand, breakfast becomes really rich every morning.
  • Sammontana - we had to rely on Italian-style ice cream 🍦 to put a smile on the faces of our most important guests: children.
  • Galak - an unmistakable white chocolate bar that has been making children of all ages happy for over 50 years! Could it be missing from the breakfast table in Club Family Hotels? Of course not πŸ˜‰!
  • PS5 - the world's most famous next-gen console πŸ•ΉοΈ to keep the kids entertained can't be missed, see the challenges with the entertainers and want to know who's having the most fun!
  • Asmodee Italia - publisher that has really changed the way of thinking about board games and role-playing games, thanks to game boxes such as Dixit, Double, Ticket to Ride, Misterium, Exploding Kittens... Come and discover how at the Club Family Hotel Serenissima a gloomy day can be transformed into the most entertaining and colourful family game challenge.
  • Adventerra - learning by playing is an evergreen Montessori motto, even more so in times when children spend far, far too much time in front of a screen. Thanks to this company, which has combined education, play and environmental protection in colourful boxes, you will see your children having a lot of fun while they learn.
  • De Cecco - are we or are we not the home of pasta? The whole world envies us, but for us Italians pasta has to be al dente and De Cecco is always a guarantee!
  • Amadori - a truly vast choice of products, an essential brand on the table of every family, even in the Club Family Hotels.
  • Nanny School - not a brand but a guarantee, really essential, of leaving your most precious asset in the hands of accredited professionals: your child. That's why we have chosen Nanny School's Great Nannies for our babysitting service.

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