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A world dedicated to the children

  • In the room: Cradle, bed edge, wc reductor, bath bowl and night light
  • For the meal: Biberon area and H24 kitchenette, high chairs, children dishes and silverware
  • To play: on the beach, at the hotel, on the pool, miniclub and junior club
  • Self Service Laundry
  • For your safety: Baby Sitting (on request)
  • Free Pediatric Consultancy at the Hotel
  • Strollers
  • Bicycles with children seats
  • Play Ground Area to have fun in total safety
  • Bouncy house for merry jumping
  • Tourist train for a joyful ride to discover Cesenatico
  • The new playmate, Sandy

"Happy children and lighthearted parents" is our mission: we would like to be a second home for you, cuddling your children and offering you an alternative world in which you can seek refuge from reality!

And a very special Family Plan for you: 2 adults and 2 children in a Smile, Family Smile or Economy room = 2 Children always free (up to 18 years old)

  • Funny evening entertainment for the children of Mini-Club (4-11 y.o.) and  Junior-Club (12-17 y.o.), who can also have dinner with the entertainers every evening.
  • To carry on the culinary experience... Dina Merendina in the morning, soft ice cream and slushies, tasty snacks every afternoon, cotton candy, popcorn, bombolone party, chocolate fountains with fresh fruit and cookies and goodnight buffet with hot milk, herbal teas and cookies. The amazing baby parking!
  • Children from 4 years old can play with the staff during meals, while you mommies and daddies enjoy a romantic dinner.
  • Delicious news: ice cream cart "Cream & Chocolate", where our entertainers will distribute an homemade ice cream in the ice cream cone. Where and when? Surprise, during the week at the hotel.

when our passion and your desire
for fun come together, they create
a magic

The supersonic
journey into fun
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