Playstation 5

Summer there's big news: PS5, the game that knows no limits! Indeed, by choosing a console of the latest generation like the Playstation 5, which with an integrated system offers innovative performance for immersive and spectacular adventures, it can't be said that in the Club Family Hotels we don't also care about the fun of the older kids!

Extraordinary games, hyper-realistic graphics, smooth and flowing actions, immersed in post-apocalyptic adventures, urban warfare, challenges on football or basketball pitches, surrounded by funny as well as disturbing characters, you will discover a fantastic world in the corner game of the Club Family Hotel Serenissima together with your teenage children, provided they invite you to play! 😉


Virtual Reality

We couldn't really limit ourselves to teenagers' favourite gaming console, could we?! So, in the multimedia gaming area, Virtual Reality visors are here, because we know how to make family holidays exciting!

Challenges and epic battles await your children and their new friends, and even entertainers are always happy to play with the kids... what about you?! How about SUPER fun family time? To turn a gloomy day upside down 🌞!


Take a look at
what awaits you:

  • Mini, Junior and Teen Club with Entertainment at the hotel and on the beach, possibility to have dinner with the staff from sunday to friday
  • Baby parking for children to play during meals (from 4 years old)
  • Free pediatric consultancy at the hotel on request (from monday to friday)
  • H24 Kitchenette and Biberon Area
  • For older children, buffet with croquettes, frankfurters, chips, cutlets and more
  • Drinky, the eco-friendly water bottle to take the open bar with you!
  • Self service laundry Did your child get dirty with ice cream? Don't worry! We have a convenient laundry room on the ground floor where you can find everything you need to wash and dry your clothes
  • Inflatable play area in the garden and water slides in the heated swimming pool
  • Soft ice cream and slushies
  • Shoot, parry and whip...the mini table football for little ones!
  • Corner Game: interactive games, like Kikifun and interactive carpet, for the enjoyment of children
  • To leave children free to play football and basketball: Play Arena
  • Snacks: sweet and salty snacks in the morning with Dina Merendina, in the afternoon at the hotel and before going to sleep the good night buffet with cookies, herbal teas and hot milk
  • Fresh and tasty juice at baby's height...thi is Io Bevo!
  • On request for the babies: cradle, bed edge, wc reductor, bath bowl and night light

when our passion and your desire
for fun come together, they create
a magic

The supersonic
journey into fun
continues with ...

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