Dine Around

Discovery Tour of Romagna’s beauties!

What about traveling tastes?

Our culinary tour is waiting for you at Serenissima, the new entry of Club Family Hotels.

Enjoy a relaxing walk throught the pinewood of Pinarella di Cervia and choose where you can eat: Club Family Aparthotel Costa Dei Pini orClub Family Hotel Tintoretto.

A meal in the most fashionable place of Romagna? Choose the restaurants of Club Family Hotel Milano Marittima in Milano Marittima.

Would you like to relax in the nature and eat in a garden? We invite you at Club Family Hotel Executive, in Cesenatico’s heart or at Club Family Hotel Tosi Beach.

Club Family Hotel Riccione, on the Riccione beach, this year with the new Club Family Hotel Best Family Riccione

*service on demand